Hi, glad you found us I’m sure you’re going to love it here. Truth is, most do – and they get a lot out of it too.

We’re not fussed about your journey to Mission:FIT, only that you’re here – many of our recruits (I use the word jokingly) have found us through many different ways, ever wanted to lose a bit of weight, get stronger, get faster or just a general fitness top-up? Then you’re in the right place.

We’ve been involved in fitness for a while now and got bored of the same old “do this to get great abs” and real rubbish constantly fed to us by websites and social media blabbering on about low fat diets etc, eventually a few of us teamed up thinking that we could help a bit better (because we know our stuff) and offer some details online where we cut the crap and just give you the facts.

There are a few good ways of getting in touch with us – we’re on social media and we chat (we like to blab!) you can find us by clicking any of the links below.




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