Personal 1-2-1 or Couple Training

I pride myself in providing excellent customer service, implementing understanding and educating all my clients in all current approaches with regards to training, nutrition and building positive habits/routines. 

With years of experience and the lessons I’ve learned through helping thousands of clients I am diverse in my approach to the individuals needs and requirements.

My goal is to educate my clients and leave them in a better place within themselves in terms of confidence to sustain a healthier approach to life but achieve fantastic results along the way.

Personal Training Information:


Mission:FIT HQ

2 Darmule Drive


North Ayrshire



One2ones: £40

2 people: £60

3 people £85

Consultation Process:

•Measurements and stats (including photos).

•Goal setting.

•Nutritional education and approaches. 

•Information on how we manage and keep you accountable.


•Tailored and progression based.

•Goal specific approach.

•Creating and implementing positive lifestyle habits.

If your ready to #jointheMISSION click the link below and fill out the application form: