Mission:FIT @HOME – Your workouts in your time.

You’re looking for more flexibility, you’re looking for more control and you’re still looking to keep fit on your terms.

The Mission:FIT @Home group solves all of your problems:

*DAILY* Live Facebook group workouts – follow along live, or play on demand when you want.

We’ve got pre-recorded workouts to help you work on areas you want to work on; focus on cardio, building muscle, burning fat and working those abs! We’ve got you. Legs, upper, kettlebells, HIIT and stretching days – Thats only the LIVES!.

Our pre-recorded routines and workouts ready for you to click play, follow Roy and Laura in a workout when you have the time to do it.

Join the community – Feel free to bring your partner in, bring your kids in, play it on the iPad or your TV – Watch it as you want to watch it!

We’ve also got videos on nutrition and recipes that you can watch. Learn more about what you’re putting in to your body and how we eat for health.

Follow along on our “chill out” sections, focus on stretching and mobility and learn more about technique, control, breathing and form.

This entire group works for you whether you have any home workout equipment or not! You don’t need a thing to join in, use household items, do bodyweight exercises – lots of options for home workouts.

Follow along with Roy, a qualified personal trainer with a degree in Sports Science – so you can be comfortable that he knows what he’s talking about.

Instructional videos on demand to help you count, control and manage your calories (if that’s your bag).

Q&A’s in the group – post your fitness/nutrition questions and get it answered – and get ideas from the rest of the group, a great family to be part of!


What have our Facebook family said about the group:
“Well worth it”
“The group has a great community feel, and I love the banter and chat”
“The live workouts keep me accountable – though I don’t do them all live!”
“It has helped focus my training, and I can do it when I want to”

What next?

Sign up. For only £25 per month, less than £1 a day, you’ll get all of this.

Click to sign up to our payment provider, payment will be taken on the last day of every month (so if you join in the middle of the month you’ll have nothing to pay and get a few weeks free).

Fill in your details with our payment processor, after this has been set up you’ll be redirected to click to our facebook group and request entry.


Click the link below to join: